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DUST is a photographic work produced from 2015 to 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This project follows the border between water and land around the Great Salt Lake, focusing on the industrial salt, magnesium, potassium and oil extraction sites. The resulting images were not modified or retouched in any way; the forms they contain are composed of machines and runoff, and the colors are the work of algae, microbes and additives used to speed up the extraction process. DUST pushes my exploration of landscape forward to the limits of the photographic medium, confronting us directly with the loss of meaning and identity to which our contemporary terrain is the prime witness.

Photographs : Jérémie Lenoir
Text : Jérémie Lenoir
Publisher : Light Motiv

Publication : 26 october 2018
Size : 30 x 33 cm
English / French
44 photos
84 pages
ISBN 9791095118084
2021-12-31 39.0039,00